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Best Laptop & Desktop Computer Service Centre in Kolkata

Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata

Lap Care Infosys takes much pride in presenting for the residents of Kolkata high-quality of Laptop repairing services. We are one of the most reliable Laptop Service Centres in Kolkata. Having years of experience, we have already outshone our peers by providing a transparent process of transactions with all our customers.

We offer customers the golden opportunity of recovering all the data from their faulty laptops or desktops from our online store. We have a record of providing 24*7 hours of uninterrupted services. With complete focus on 100% Client's Satisfaction, we leave no stone unturned to render the best of services.

Our Laptop Services Includes:

Being one of the most preferred Laptop and Desktop Computer Service Centre in Kolkata, we aim at providing a wide range of repairing services. Few of our repairing services are stated below:

  • Motherboard - We rework for reflow of BGA, replace the controller IC, and reball the BGA
  • HDD - We repair laptops having a problem in identifying the operating system, foreign noise from the faulty HDD, missing NTDLR, and IDE error.
  • No Power – We can speed up your computer by removing pop-ups, spyware and security risks.
  • LAN / WiFi – We have a 100% success rate of repairing LAN and WiFi.
  • Charging – Are you putting on the power of your laptop but there is no booting? Lap Care Infosys can deal with all charging issues.
  • Display – Do you have lines or flickers on your laptop or desktop screen? Approach us. We also deal with problems like white screen and power light without any display.
  • Speaker – We repair damaged speaker, if one is offering a low sound, or is not working.
  • Blue Screen – We deal with the problem of a blue screen by upgrading the system RAM, installing SDD, and by accelerating graphics as well as gaming.
  • Hardware – We excel in upgrading hardware, which includes upgrading System RAM, HDD, and Professor. We also have experience in accelerating graphics and gaming.
  • Keyboard – We repair laptops and desktops whose all or few keys are not working, or one dealing with the problem of stuck keys.

Why Lap Care Infosys is the ideal choice for Laptop Repairing?

  1. Follow transparent transactions without any hidden cost.
  2. Have a record of serving more than 200 clients.
  3. Comprised of more than 15 qualified and skilled staffs.
  4. Offer bespoke services depending on the requirements of our clients.
  5. End to end services for all types of faulty hardware.
  6. Deliver premium quality services at affordable price.
  7. Provide best solutions for anti-virus protection.
  8. Facility of data back-up before we start with the recovery.
  9. Best possible support is provided for network security.
  10. Providing timely services with precision and on urgent basis.

Want To Repair Your Faulty Laptop Or Desktop From The Most Efficient Service Centre?

Look No Further Than Lap Care Infosys - Your One-Stop Solution For All Laptop And Desktop Issues. Contact us or call us at 7278888705.

Why Choose Us

Lap Care Services

  • Technical Security Surveys & Audits
  • Best CCTV Systems Network
  • Mobile Patrol Management Team
  • Licensed, Experienced & Qualified Security Staff
  • All Types of Security Barriers Included
  • Mobile Surveilence of Vehicles
  • Access Control Systems
  • Fully Insured & Legal Company

Our Service Includes:

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With over a decades of experience, We deliver

Premium quality solutions at best price

HP laptop motherboard repairing
cctv installation
branded laptop repairings such as HP laptops, Compaq laptops, Lenovo laptops, Dell laptops

What We Offers

Our Services

-: We have highly trained staff available that implement security measures around any Retail, Commercial or Industrial Site.
Laptop repair and camera installer that we cater would be good enough to fit well with your precise as well as urgent requirements. You would be greatly entertained and satisfied with the precision that would reflect flawlessly on our timely service ranges.
  • Hardware Services

    Would be interested in end to end hardware services for your IT infrastructure? DO you really care about flawless service in this regard?
  • CCTV System

    CCYV systems are synonymous with proper level of protection for your business establishments as well as personal residences.
  • Threat & Rist Assessment

    Our risk management functions and arrangements would save you from all kinds of malicious threats that might lurk in various concerns of the virtual world.
  • Schelued Backup

    We have got perfect back up facility for data recovery, virus removal solutions, and replacement services for your laptop and notebook batteries as well as screen replacement needs of your devices.
  • Antivirus Protection

    Antivirus solution would be highly essential for all entities which are dealing with all sorts of intellectual properties. We come up with the best of solutions in connection with antivirus protection.
  • Network Security

    Check out our inventories for the best possible support systems meant for pristine network security solutions. We will ensure you the undisturbed peace of mind in this connection.

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-: We have highly trained staff available that implement security measures around any Retail, Commercial or Industrial Site.

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