When a problem arises in your Dell laptop, approaching a reliable laptop service centre becomes the only way out. With numerous of them scattered all over Kolkata, choosing the best is indeed a bit daunting. Try getting references from friends and family who had a fantastic experience in dealing with a specific service centre in the past. You can also do an online search and choose one offering reliable services within your budget.

Once you have finalized your decision of visiting a specific service centre, the next task is to describe the issue to the professional. You have to communicate with the professional in such a way so that it becomes easy for them to figure out what the exact issue is. Just stating, “My laptop is not working”, isn’t good enough. Though you are not a professional to understand the issue, you can follow few tips so that the professional can understand what the issue actually is.

Approaching A Dell Laptop Service Centre? Few Tips To Describe The Problem To The Professional

Stay Prepared

First, make sure that you are ready to describe the issue before the professional. Staying prepared will not only makes it easier for you to describe the problem but the professional can also understand it better. As a result, you will have to spend less time and money to get your laptop repaired. Prepare yourself by checking the error message on the screen, when the issue surfaced, has it changed since then, and whether smoke is coming from the system.

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Stay Clear

Communicating clearly with the professional is a must as how you describe the issue determines how easily they can estimate the reason behind it. Instead of communicating over the phone, visit them in person so that you can convey the problem clearly. Not only should you speak slowly and enunciate properly but also be nice while communicating. Doing so will definitely help the professional understand and fix the problem within the shortest span of time.

Be Specific

Being specific about the issue is as important as staying prepared. The professional can see that your laptop “is not working” and there might be millions of reasons behind it. Instead of describing the issue in details, you need to be specific. Inform them the brand, model and operating system of your faulty laptop. If the professional is working in a renowned Dell Laptop Service Centre in Kolkata, he can detect the issue quickly.

Stay Calm

Though your mind is in turmoil because of the issue on your laptop, the man you approached to fix the issue didn’t design the program, hardware or software. Staying nice, thankful and calm is a must as it is him who is going to help you out. A majority of the professionals are knowledgeable and love solving issues in a laptop. They might not handle the problem seriously if you become rude or frustrated.

Since it is completely on how you convey the information, make sure you follow the tips stated above the next time you visit a Dell Laptop Service Centre.

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