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How To Find The Perfect Service Centre For Your Dell Laptop?

Date - 17/3/2017
When it comes to repairing sophisticated devices, would you like the amateurs to meddle with the job? Choose a service centre with an impressive track record. You may find companies offering repairing services at throw away prices...Read More

4 Common Myths On Lenovo Laptop Service Centre In Kolkata- Busted!

Date - 07/06/2017
Don’t you think that on an average you spend almost 8-9 hours staring at the screen of your PC? But, by spending such a huge time with your PC, do you feel very confident about your computer skills? Think again then. Knowing about MS office doesn’t make you an expert and it is here that the need for highly qualified technicians comes to the picture...Read More

4 Ways You Can Describe Your Dell Laptop’s Issue To A Service Centre Professional

Date - 19/07/2017
When a problem arises in your Dell laptop, approaching a reliable laptop service centre becomes the only way out. With numerous of them scattered all over Kolkata, choosing the best is indeed a bit daunting. Try getting references from friends and family who had a fantastic experience in dealing with a specific service centre in the past. You can also do an online search and choose one offering reliable services within your budget....Read More

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