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-: All our services would be catered on the same day and there would not be any deviation and delay in the process.
The service ranges that we have at our store front would be just more than what you could have possibly asked for. It is in fact the variety of our services which should be the staple force that keeps on drawing more and more inquisitive customers for the repair job that we provide. The deployment of our services should call for high level of laurels.

Our Service Includes:

laptop circuit being repaired by engineer
HP laptop motherboard repairing
cctv installation
branded laptop repairings such as HP laptops, Compaq laptops, Lenovo laptops, Dell laptops

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Services Benefits

Our highly trained & qualified teams available to implement security measures around any Retail, Commercial or Industrial Site
  • Technical Services

    Technical services as per industry standerd with all genuine hardware.
  • System Upgrage

    We upgrade the system to maximise the operation and other spects of possible development.
dell laptop repairing
  • Network Managment

    Managing network security for office anf home users and file security.
  • Backup Systems

    To secure the files and other important document, we pre install & Manage the applications.

Download Applications

Useful applications that is available to downloads